Erectile Dysfunction and Eroxel

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man doesn’t get an erection or it becomes weak during sexual intercourse. This could be due to many factors. Stress and psychological factors are often involved. Potency problems can also be caused by physical illness.

The reason the penis doesn’t erect isn’t always due to lack of sexual arousal. Erectile dysfunction, especially in older men is often a sign of certain diseases. Erectile dysfunction affects more than half of all men. Erectile dysfunction is more common in older men:

Over 40% of men complain at least once a day. Potency problems are less common in younger men. Although this problem is becoming more and more common, there is no reason to give up. Eroxel contains excellent ingredients to help you enjoy your intimate life again: Eroxel Original.


Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors and may often occur together. Psychological problems, such as stress and pressure to perform, often play a part in erectile dysfunction. Pressure to perform. Depression and other mental disorders can also lead to a decrease in sexual interest and potency problems.

However, in most cases, erectile dysfunction can be attributed to physical causes. These include:

  • Circulatory disorders
  • Nerve damage, diseases and/or
  • Hormonal disorders


Erectile dysfunction occurs when the male member is not able to stiffen enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse or the erection doesn’t last. Ejaculatio retarda or premature ejaculation can also be experienced by those who are affected.


Therapy is possible if the cause of the impotence is physical. If impotence is due to a particular disease, such as e.g. (e.g. Diabetes mellitus must be treated by a doctor. Psychotherapy is recommended if the cause is psychological.

Potency Remedies

Sildenafil, a so-called phosphodiesterase inhibitor (PDE inhibitor), improves blood flow to the penis. The patient should not take the sexual enhancer prior to planned sexual intercourse. It should also not be taken more than once per 24 hours.

Psychiatric-psychological Therapy

Psychotherapy might be helpful if the cause is interpersonal conflict, individual fear of failure, or psychological stress. The doctor and the individual affected must decide which type of therapy is best for each case (e.g., cognitive, individual, or couples therapy).

The psychiatrist might also recommend psychotropic drugs (e.g., for depression). As part of therapy, the psychiatrist may also prescribe antidepressants.

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