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Antioxidants can slow down the aging process

Free radicals, also known as oxidants, are molecules that can cause cells to age and degenerate. These substances can damage cell membranes and harden blood vessels. or harden blood vessels. Our bodies have a variety of protection mechanisms that act as antioxidants or radical scavengers.

To support these mechanisms, vitamins and trace elements are needed as adjuvants. Large studies have shown that certain vitamins and trace elements can help prevent cancer and slow down the aging process. These adjuvants can be found in a varied and “colorful” diet.

However, because of intensive agriculture’s impoverishment, it is not always possible to guarantee that there will be no regionally-varying relative deficiencies. deficiencies arise. Selenium is an example of such a decrease in trace elements. Germany is an example of a region with a severe selenium shortage.

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Supplements for food – but only in moderation!

Relative deficits may also be caused by special stressors, such as e.g. After certain operations, or while convalescence following certain illnesses.

According to current knowledge, some dietary supplement seem to be effective. Individual circumstances and stress levels will determine the dosage.

There are currently no guidelines that have been scientifically confirmed. It is best to seek professional advice before taking any natural supplements.

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