What is Impotence and why is Eroxel so efective?

The colloquial term “impotence” is used to describe a variety of limitations in the ability to reproduce. In linguistic usage, the term “impotence”, is often equated to “dysfunction”. Medically, this is false. Instead, impotence can be divided into functional disorders.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), is the inability or absence of erection during sexual arousal. Doctors refer to erectile dysfunction as potency disorder, or erectile dysfunction, when two-thirds of attempts to erection fail.

This condition must be present for at least six months to make it a valid diagnosis. If there are only occasional failures it is not considered erectile dysfunction.

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Two reasons why erectile dysfunction may be suspected are two:

Early detection is better for erectile dysfunction treatment. Individual therapies can help you to improve your erectile dysfunction.

If left untreated, erectile dysfunction could indicate serious illnesses that can lead to death. Early intervention is possible if you visit a doctor.

The following examinations can be used to diagnose erectile disorder, depending on the symptoms.

  • Biothesiometry
  • Dynamometry
  • Electromyography
  • RIGIscan
  • Ultrasound


Most patients first try to address the issue of erectile dysfunction through lifestyle changes. This includes more exercise and a healthier diet. A potency drug can temporarily solve the problem. To overcome erectile disorder, drugs from the PDE-5 inhibitors group are good for combination with sexual stimulation.

You can also use injection therapy or physical therapy for the treatment. Surgery is rarely recommended due to the potential risks. Psychotherapeutic treatment is often used if the cause is psychological. A reduction in pornographic content consumption may have a dramatic effect on potency disorders that are based on addiction. This can be treated within a matter of weeks.

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